Featured on the top of this page is a male Anna's Hummingbird. This beautiful hummingbird species can be found locally in the Antelope Valley. For more information please see Anna's Hummingbird
November Events
November Program: Beekeeping by Ana Farrell

The Antelope Valley Chapter of the Audubon Society is committed to the preservation, research, and observation of birds in their natural habitats. Get involved by learning more about the native wild birds of the AV, by going on guided field trips with experts and fellow chapter members, and by photographing species in their habitats.


The primary purpose of the Antelope Valley Audubon Society, Inc (AVAS) is to provide educational programs and services that build awareness of the importance of birds and other wildlife, and to promote conservation and restoration of natural habitats, primarily in the Antelope Valley area.

Mission Statement

The AVAS promotes the appreciation, love, and protection of birds through partnerships, education, conservation, and other activities in the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas.

If you are an artist, please share you artwork related to birds or conservation related artwork with us on our AVAS Artists FB Group

If you are an photographer, please share you photos related to birds or conservation related artwork with us on our AVAS Photographers FB Group

Programs and Activities

  1. AVAS actively works with local and state government as well as commercial entities to ensure that land is conserved as natural habitat.

  2. All programs focus on birding, conservation of wildlife habitat, speaking up for endangered species, and acting on current regulations related to environmental issues.

  3. AVAS holds membership meetings at which speakers are invited to present information about various topics including conservation and preservation of wildlife flora and fauna.

  4. AVAS sponsors guided bird walks in various birding hotspots to provide education to the community.

  5. AVAS volunteers participate in local community projects and clean-up activities to ensure that wildlife habitats are preserved.

  6. AVAS has developed and is implementing a program with school districts to feature educational bird and conservation talks about the Antelope Valley.

  7. AVAS has created a partnership with the Los Angeles County Library to inform youth and their families about birds and conservation. Programs already featured include the World of Birds, the World of Owls, the World of Raptors and Exotic Birds.

The Joy of Birds

A collection of articles and videos to help brighten your day with birds.

You will also find some really great Zoom backgrounds you can use for your next Zoom Meeting as well as phenomenal bird photography to enjoy.

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